Uploaded more pictures of Suzuki Aerio (stock 16031)

About stock no.16031 of Suzuki Aerio Station-Wagon, let me upload more pictures of this car taken at our place showing the details.  I hope if you or you have anyone interested in?  This one…more

Medium Grey Metallic, IST, with HID head lamps just in stock !

Today, new stock of Toyota IST 1.3 with HID Head Lamps & in Medium Grey Metallic, low milage 65,000.km is in stock – see more details to our web stock no. 16036 – click…more

Toyota Kluger 2WD SUV 7/seater 2004 is just in stock

Kluger-L 2WD 2004 7/seater with 2.4 VVT-i 4-cylinder engine, 100,022.km run, blueish grey metallic colour is just in stock now.  In spite the odo meter is just over 100,000.km, the car is well kept…more

I found a extremely beautiful car with low milage

Yesterday, dated 4th Feb. (Sat.), I occasionally a extremely beautiful car with extremely low milage. As i was so much impressed by this car as it is so attractive, I promised myself I should…more

Bongo-Blowny, long-body, manual-shift, double rear tyres, to our stock

I got this “Mazda Bongo-Blowny window-van, long-body, manual 5-speeds floor shift, double rear tyres – see our stock no. 16030 clicking here” to our stock.  This maybe good for mini-bus / dara-dara in town…more

Beautiful Mt. Fuji was visible from Yokohama

On 21st Jan. (Sat.) Morning, I was at Toyota Auto Auction in Yokohama.  Oh, air and sky were so clear in fine beautiful weather that day.  I could enjoy beautiful Mt. Fuji from top…more

IST 1.3 with HID head lamps & 54,000.km, Silver in stock

Just obtained this new stock of Toyota IST, model: NCP60, 2004yr, 1.3 with HID head lamps, 54,000.km run, silver metallic in stock to our stock no. 16029.  Please find the details to our web…more

Visited our temple last Sunday

I visited our old temple “Dairyuji Temple” near by my house and pray for happy new year 2017.

Fitted alloy wheels to Corolla AE110

We fitted alloy wheels & good tyres size: 165/70R14 & changed standard radio/cassette-tape player to CD music with radio with Corolla Sedan, model: AE110 1999 year of stock no. 16028 – chassis/no. AE110-5321092 today.

New Year Special Sale of Noah SR40G

Hi, how was your holiday there?  I guess if you have found your precious time with your family and relative.  Today, I am ready to offer you special deal of this Noah SR40G 2001…more

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